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A Faith Based Addictions Program In Barrie, Ontario


Welcome to this page! We are very excited to be launching this new addictions program, serving those in the Barrie, ON area. Unshackled is an addictions program that serves all. Those who are struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol, pornography, food, and so many other things, will find help and support as we look at addictions and freedom in the light of Scripture.

The curriculum we will be using endeavours to show the root of our addictions, looking at addictions and true worship of God from a Biblical perspective.

We will be meeting every Monday at 7:30 PM for 10 weeks.

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Getting Here:


Heritage Baptist Church. 79 Ardagh Road Barrie, Ontario

Every Monday at 7:30 PM. Doors Open at 7:00 PM.


Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. In this section, we endeavour to answer any questions that you may have. We hope that you feel comfortable and confident coming, and that this program will be a help to you. If you have any further questions, feel free to email them to

Q. What do I need to bring?

You don't have to bring anything, under than yourself. If you have a Bible, you are welcome to bring it. The curriculum books will be at the church for you.

Q. How long will the meetings be?

Our goal is to have the meetings be between an 60-90 minutes in length.

Q. I'm not addicted, but someone close to me is. Should I come?

Absolutely! The goal is to help and inform both those who are battling addictions, as well as those that are affected by the battle of another.

Q. I've gone to AA. I've gone to rehab. I feel like nothing will help. Why bother?

I understand this feeling. I know it's easy to sometimes sit back and feel discouraged. To feel hopeless. John 8:36 tells us that Christ has set us free, and if He has set us free, then we can truly be free. If you are struggling to want to come, I would encourage you to try coming out for the first three sessions. My hope is that you will find an open-minded, loving and receptive group that is ready and willing to help you, and grow with you.

UnShackled Week 1

"Am I really here?"

UnShackled Week 2

"Where do I even begin?"

UnShackled Week 3

"Which am I going, anyways?"