Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Christian/Biblical Counselling?

  • Biblical counselling is a form of counselling that occurs through the lens of Scripture. It is not complacent, or negligent counselling, but rather, counsellors are trained in Scriptures and its relevance for human problems. We do not deny the reality of mental illnesses. Personal, informed, applicable and truthful counsel will benefit all who apply themselves to the process.

Who can seek biblical counselling?

  • Biblical counselling is not just for Christians, although it is primarily beneficial to Christians. If you are not a Christian but believe that the Bible is true and helpful for one's life, or you are curious to learn more, then you could benefit from this form of counselling. The effectiveness of the counselling is largely based on the attitude and mindset of the counsellee.

Can Restored Lives Counselling prescribe medication?

  • We are not registered psychotherapists, psychiatrists, or medical doctors. Therefore, we cannot prescribe medication. We do not condemn the use of medication. There is evidence that medication is effective in relieving a variety of symptoms.

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • We can accept payment using cash, e-transfer, or cheque.

How often should I go to counselling?

  • This is case-by-case, but for most, we recommend a one-hour session per week.

I want to get counselling, but my spouse doesn't. What should I do?

  • If this sounds like you, I would encourage you to ask your spouse if they would be willing to come for one introductory session. Often, the fear of counselling is broken by attending just one session. Having just one session may break down barriers and allow your marriage to get the help you need.

Do I need to live in Barrie to receive counselling?

  • Counselling is preferably done in person. However, we do also offer Zoom sessions.

What is the first step?

  • The first step is to submit a contact form and set up your first session! There will be some intake forms that will need to be completed and submitted before your first session.

What if counselling doesn't help?

  • I understand this feeling. It is common to experience feelings of despair, and sometimes people don't reach out for fear that they will never be able to get better. I promise you, whatever you are going through, someone else has gone through it before you. Don't feel like you are alone in what you are facing. I care about each person who comes for counselling, and I will do my absolute best to ensure you get the highest level of help possible.